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Table 23 Some totally 53 medicinal plant of Ethiopia

From: Phytochemical analysis of some selected traditional medicinal plants in Ethiopia

S.N Scientific name Family Local name Part used, mode of preparation, administration and application Photograph References
1 Artemisia Afra African wormwood Ariti (Amharic) -Smallpox: ground leaves and apply topically
-Stomach ache: wrap leaves in enset leaves and put them over fire, squeeze the liquid out of the bundle, drink on empty stomach
-Infant growth: decoction of leaves given to infants under six months who are too small
Alves et al. (2007)
2 Aloe Vera Aloe Erret (Amharic) -Spikes removed ground with some water to make pulp
-Cancer and laxative: mix 1tablespoon of pulp with honey, eaten 2 times a day
-Wound healing: apply liquid from pulp to wound
-Dandruff: Message pulps into the scalp, sit under the sun for 30 min, and wash hair
Alves et al. (2007)
3 Vermonia Amygdalina Bitter leaf Grawa (Amharic) -Stomach ache, worms, and malaria: tender shoots pounded in a mortar and pestle, squeeze juice from the pulp, and drink
-Abortion: young leaves eaten to induce abortion
Farombi and Owoeye (2011)
4 Solanum Nigrum Black Nightshade Tutnaye (Amharic) The parts leave boiled and then eaten Atanu et al. (2010)
5 Yzygium Guineense Waterberry Dokuma (Amharic) -Preparation: combined with Ziba (Podocarpus gracilior, in the previous listing) in cold maceration
-Finally, drink on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, this induces vomiting which is thought to help treat Yellelito
Djoukeng (2005)
6 Ruta Chalepensis Fringed rue Tenadam (Amharic) The leaves part with cold water maceration and drink to relieve stomach ache Asgarpanah and Khoshkam (2012)
7 Pentas Lanceolata Egyptian Star cluster Tabatem (Amharic) -The root washed and chewed, then split on pustules
-A ceremony is performed to aid healing. The word “burst” is said to “pop” the painful swellings. Next, the word “spread” is repeated to disperse the pain. Nourishing food is given for recovery
Nayak et al. (2005)
8 Ocimum Grattissimum Clover basil, African basil Damakese (Amharic) The part of leaves can be prepared then cold water maceration and drink Prabhu et al. (2009)
9 Musa Acuminate Wild banana Muze (Amharic) -Part used: petiole (leaf stem) Preparation and Administration: broken petiole juice applied to wounds Sumanthy et al. (2011)
10 Nigella Sativa Black cumin Tikur Azmud (Amharic) Part of seed can be prepared and administered: Asthma: chewed Runny nose and the common cold: wrap in small leaf, stick up nose Sharma et al. (2009)
11 Linum Usitatissimum Flax Telba (Amharic) -Part used: seed preparation and administered: seed soaked in water and drink for gastritis Zanwar et al. (2010)
12 Lepidium Sativum Cress Feto (Amharic) -Part used: seeds. Preparation and administered: small seeds ground into paste-like mustard, eaten for stomach issues and M’utch. Can also be applied topically for M’utch Atanu et al. (2010)
13 Hagenia Abyssinica Hagenia Kosso (Amharic) Part used: female flowers preparation and Administration: infusion of the female flowers Thomsen et al. (2012)
14 Eucalyptus Globulus Blue Gum Nech bahar zafe (Amharic) -Part used: fruit; leaves Preparation and Administration: Stomach ache: chew top part of fruit Fever: rub leaves on skin to reduce fever Common cold: boil Eucalyptus and damakasse in water and inhaled Kumar and Laxmidhar et al. (2011)
15 Foeniculum Volgare Fennel Insilal (Amharic) Part used: leaves Preparation and Administration: Diuretic: added to soup Clean stomach: chew Rather et al. (2014)
16 Drynaria Volkensii basket fern Tekesbila (Amharic) Part used: rhizome Preparation and Administration: chew rhizome to relieve ache Mbwambo et al. (2012)
17 Cupressus Lusitanica White Cedar Yeferenji Tid (Amharic) Part used: leaves Preparation and Administration: leaves crushed, juice given to animals for diarrhea Kuiate et al. (2006)
18 Dioscorea Alata Yam Boye (Amharic) Part used: leaves Preparation and Administration: leaves rubbed vigorously on the skin for fundal conditions Mbwambo et al. (2012)
19 Croton Macrostachyus in the croton family Bisana (Amharic) Part used: sap; Preparation and Administration: leaf stem broke and sap applied topically tothe skin (sap dries black) Ngo Bum et al. (2012)
20 Citrus Medica Citron Tiringo (Amharic) Part used: fruit; Preparation and administration: Fruit eaten for high blood pressure Maria Eliza de Castro Moreira et al. (2013)
21 Coffea Arabica Coffee Buna (Amharic) Part used: coffee bean; leaves preparation and administration; cease wound bleeding: apply coffee grounds to wounds stomach ache: drink tea made of coffee leaves mixed with chili and fennel Stapf and Croton Macrostachyus et al. (2017)
22 Carica Papaya Papaya Papaya (Amharic) Part used: seeds; preparation and administration: amoebic dysentery: chew 7 seeds three times a day Oloyede et al. (2011)
23 Citrusx Limon Lemon Lomi (Amharic) Part used: fruit, preparation, and administration: Drink fruit juice to stop vomiting Arias and Ramón-Laca (2005)
24 Bersama Abyssinica Winged bersama Teberako (Amharic) Part used: stem; Preparation: chew stem peelings chewed Bosch et al. (2008)
25 Ajuga Integrifolia Bugleweed Anamuro (Amharic) Part used: leaves; preparation: cold water maceration Administration: drink Israili and Lyoussi (2009)
26 Allium Sativum Garlic Nech shunkurt (Amharic) Part used: cloves; preparation and administration: Common cold: cloves ground up and mixed with honey, take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Malaria: peeled and infused in clarified butter and eaten Londhe et al. (2011)
27 Capsicum Annuum/frutescens chili peppers Berebere /mitmitta (Amharic) Part used: fruit (peppers), preparation: used as spice in food administration: eaten De Castro Moreira et al. (2011)
28 Zingiber Officinale Ginger Zengibil (Amharic) Part used: roots; Preparation and administration: roots chewed for stomach ache Badreldin et al. (2008)
29 Vicia Faba fava bean Bakella (Amharic) Part used: seeds; preparation and administration: raw seed chewed for gastritis Hussein Abd El-Masksond et al. (2013)
30 Rhamnus prinoides shiny-leaf buckthorn Gesho (Amharic) Part used: young leaves; preparation & administration: mix 7 flowers of Yellow Aster with young leaves of gesho chewed in a quid wrapped with cloth or enset leaves. Juice swallowed for swollen tonsils/lymph nodes Teklit Gebregiorgis Amabye (2015)
31 Schinus Molle False pepper tree Qundo berebere (Amharic) Fruit chewed for sore throat Marzouk et al. (2006)
31 Leucas Martincensis Jacq Raskamer (Amharic) Part used: leaves, preparation, and administration: leaves crushed and squeeze the juice into eyes; one drop in each eye in the morning and evening Prabhu et al. (2009)
32 Embelia Schimperi Vatke Enkoko (Amharic) Part used: seeds; preparation and administration seeds dried, powdered, and eaten to eliminate hookworms Machocho et al. (2003)
33 Rumex Abyssinicus Sorrel Mekmeko (Amharic) Part used: roots; preparation and administration: root decocted, drink or chewed for Balaamo or Yelelito wolf Melkamu et al. (2016)
34 Argemone mexicana L Papaveraceae Yahyaeshoh (Amharic) Crush the root or leaf and give with water disease treatment for Influenza and rabies Worku (2019)
35 Acanthus polystachyus Acanthaceae Kucheshile (Amharic) Orally, crush the root and pound and give with water for diseases treatment of rabies Worku (2019)
36 Eucalyptus globulusLabill Myrtaceae Bargamo/ba rzafiadi (Ormigna) The leaf is boiled and inhales the vapor/steam for disease treatment of cough, asthma, malaria and sore throat Amare and Getachew (2019), Mworia et al. (2020)
37 Artemisia afra Jacq. exWilld Asteraceae Ariti (Ormirgna) Grinded the leaves, soaked in water and drank, and sometimes chew the leaves for treatment stomachache, malarial, fever, coughs, colds, diabetes, sore throat, asthma and headache Mengistu et al. (2019)
38 Artemisia abyssinicaSch. Bip. ex A. Rich Asteraceae Chikugn (Ormigna) Grinded dried leaf, infusion with water and drank for treatment headache, cough, diarrhea pneumonia and abdominal pain Tsegay and Mazengia (2019), Teka et al. (2020)
39 Prunus dulcis Rosaceae Lewuz (Amharic) Orally, drink with tea pounded fruit being mixed for diseases treatment herpes simplex virus type 1 Musarra-Pizzo (2019)
40 Acacia etbaica Schweinf. Fabaceae Seraw (Amharic) Orally, crushed bark for diseases treatment of wart. Worku, (2019)
41 Euphorbia abyssinica Euphorbiaceae Kulkual (Amharic) Root rushing and drink with milk for disease treatment of malaria BNT and Kim (2022)
42 Malva verticillata L. Malvaceae Lut (Ormigna) Crush the root and mix with water and wash the head for disease treatment headache. Tefera and Kim (2019)
43 Senna septemtrionalis (viv) H.S. Irwin and and Barneby Fabaceae Hamashak (Sidamegna) Oral, leaf rubbing for disease treatment of snake bite Tefera and Kim (2019)
44 Gomphocarpus stenophyllus Oliv Apocynaceae Chifirig (Amharic) Root maceration, taken orally once daily for seven days used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Aragaw et al. (2020)
45 Sida tenuicarpa Vollesen Malvaceae Chifrig (Amharic) Leaf mix with honey then eat the mixture at a time of necessity Tsegay et al. (2019)
46 Rhusnatalensis (Krauss) Anacardiaceae Debobosso (Ormigna) Root extract is mixed with water then drank for used to disease treatment of diarrhea Mengistu Kebede (2019)
47 Vemonia adoensis Sch.Bep. ex Walp Asteraceae feres zeng (Ormigna) Root is chewed with honey, then drunk the fluid for disease treatment of menstrual disorder Asmera et al. (2020)
48 Polysphaeria aethiopica Verd Rubiaceae Qarraruu (Ormigna) Root is crushed/grinded or powdered for disease treatment of toothache, scabies, oral inflammation and tubercles Kebede et al. (2021a, b)
49 Cirsium englerianum Asteraceae Adaddoo (Ormigna) - Leaf is smashed and put on wounds
-Mixture of leaf infusion and oil extracted from taken orally for used to malaria, diarrhea Gonorrhea
Kebede et al. (2021a, b)
50 Euphorbia depauperata Euphorbiaceae Gurii (Ormigna) Bark is crushed and mixed with water and applied for disease treatment of skin rash, ringworm, bloody diarrhea, gastritis and constipation Kebede et al. (2021a, b)
51 Lippia adoensis Verbenaceae Urgoo (Ormirgna) -Leaf are pounded and tied on wound
-Crushed leaf then boiled in water use aqueous decoction, concoction taken orally used to disease treatment of stomach ache, diarrhea, and cough
Kebede et al. (2021a, b)
52 Cucumis pustulatus Cucurbitaceae Haadhatu (Ormigna) Mixed crushed parts of root extract in hot water taken orally/drank used to diseases treatment of cough, tubercles and chest pain, cold disease, Pneumonia Kebede et al. (2021a, b)
53 Rumex abyssinicus Polygonaceae Dhangagoo (Ormigna) Crushed root, homogenized taken with tea or water and drunk for used treatment of ringworm, pain-relieving, hypertension, anti-cancer, malaria and wound healing Kebede et al. (2021a, b)