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Table 4 Design features of main and additional units in the developed schemes

From: Development and comparison of membrane separation schemes for byproduct recovery from Egyptian rice straw black liquor

Item Specifications
UF Element flow: 38 l/s, elements/module: 90, design feed pressure: 207 kPa, membrane life: 10 years
NF softening membranes Element flow: 30 m3/d, pressure drop 414 kPa, feed pressure 2760 (NF1), 2220 (NF2) kPa., No. of elements: 60 (NF1), 12 (NF2), No. of pressure vessels: 10 (NF1), 2(NF2), fouling factor: 1
TVC Power cycle: CCGT, boiler efficiency: 95%, power consumption: 2.2 kWh/m3, distiller performance ratio (GOR): 8
Tanks* Filling volume: 80%, retention time: 15 min, mixers: HDPE, volume: 3–11 m3, carbon steel
Filters Centrifugal continuous bowl, diameter: 0.42 m, carbon steel
Dryers Spray dryers, evaporation rates: 0.23–1.3 kg/s, carbon steel
  1. *pH adjustment and precipitation tanks