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Table 5 Descriptors in the selected, their definition, class and Mean effect values

From: In-silico activity prediction, structure-based drug design, molecular docking and pharmacokinetic studies of selected quinazoline derivatives for their antiproliferative activity against triple negative breast cancer (MDA-MB231) cell line

Descriptors Definition Class VIF MF
AATSC8c Average centered Broto-Moreau autocorrelation − lag 8/weighted by charges 2D 5.11012 − 0.20071
MATS8c Moran autocorrelation − lag 8/weighted by charges 2D 5.034677 0.1154
SpMAD_Dzs Spectral mean absolute deviation from Barysz matrix/weighted by I-state 2D 1.072967 0.305655
BCUTc-1l nhigh lowest partial charge weighted BCUTS 2D 1.03593 0.779653
  1. VIF VARIANCE INflation factor, MF mean Effect