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Table 4 Phytochemicals found in Costus speciosus

From: Phytochemical competence and pharmacological perspectives of an endangered boon—Costus speciosus (Koen.) Sm.: a comprehensive review

Part of the plant (Costus speciosus) Phytochemical constituents Bioactive chemical compounds References
Seeds Spirostanyl glycoside Dioscin Rastogi and Mehrotra (2004a, b), Chakre (2010), Rani et al. (2012), Maji et al. (2020), Duraipandiyan et al. (2012), Mazumder and Hussain (2021)
Steroid glycoside β-Sitosterol-β-D-glucoside
Steroidal saponins Gracillin, Protodioscin
Furostanolbisglycoside Methyl protodioscin
Phytosteroid sapogenin Diosgenin
Furostanol saponins Costusosides
Benzoquinones α-Tocopherolquinone, 6-methyldihydrophytylplastoquinone, Dihydrophytylplastoquinone,
β-sitosterol 5α-Stigmast-9(11)-en-3β-ol
Saturated fatty acids Myristic acid, Stearic acid, Behenic acid, Palmitic acid
Monounsaturated fatty acid Oleic acid, Gadoleic acid
Polyunsaturated fatty acid Linoleic acid
Leaves Esters of palmitic acid Lupeol Palmitates
Triterpene β-Amyrin, α-Amyrinsterate
Rhizomes Monoterpenoids Carvacrol
Phytosterol Triacontanol, Sitosterol, Tetradecyl-5α-stigmast-9(11)- en-3β-ol
Sesquiterpenes Eremanthin, Costunolide
Phytosteroid sapogenin Diosgenin
Allyl alcohol Pinocarveol
Sesquiterpene lactones Reynosin, Santamarine, Arbusculin A
Furostanolbisglycoside Methyl protogracillin
Monoterpene cyclic ether Cineol
Bicyclic sesquiterpenes Cadinene
Fatty acid ester 11-methylpentadecanoate, 13-Methylpentadecanoate
Phytosteroid sapogenin Diosgenin
Saturated fatty acid Triacontanoic acid, 14 oxo-octacosanoic acid, 14 oxoheptacosanoic acid