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Table 3 List of independent variables (descriptors), their descriptions and class for model 1

From: Chemo-informatics activity prediction, ligand based drug design, Molecular docking and pharmacokinetics studies of some series of 4, 6-diaryl-2-pyrimidinamine derivatives as anti-cancer agents

S/NO Symbol Descriptions Class
1 AATS2s Average Broto-Moreau autocorrelation − lag 2/weighted by I-state 2D
2 AATSC5s Average centered Broto-Moreau autocorrelation − lag 5/weighted by I-state 2D
3 MATS3e Moranautocorrelation-lag3/weighted by Sanderson electronegativities 2D
4 SpMax8_Bhi Largest absolute eigenvalue of Burden modified matrix − n 8/weighted by relative first ionization potential 2D