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Table 1 The detail of roles and the type of interactions

From: Identification of plant diseases and distinct approaches for their management

Interaction Role References
Mutualism Stimulate host defense, improve nutrition in plants Dodds and Rathjen (2010)
Commensalism Presence of such relationship creates challenges for pathogens, absence of it led to decrease in the severity of the infection Eilenberg et al. (2001)
Predators They consume pathogen biomass for their sustenance, e.g. protists, mesofauna and microarthropods Jones and Dangl (2006)
Neutralism It creates an inability between the interaction of the population dynamics of plant species to the pathogen Juroszek and von Tiedemann (2011)
Competition Led to decrease in growth of infectious microbes Coakley et al. (1999)
Parasites Involves the use of hyperparasites that led to parasitize the plant pathogens Scherm (2004)