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Table 1 A brief description of the six parental genotypes in the present study

From: Performance and reaction of faba bean genotypes to chocolate spot disease

Name Type Pedigree Characteristics
Nubaria 1 (P1) Major Selected individually from Spanish variety Resistant to foliar diseases, large seeds
Giza 843 (P2) Equina Selected individually from Rebaya 40 (FCRI) Resistant to foliar diseases
Sakha 4 (P3) Equina 81/35/2001 (Sakha 4) derived from Sakha 1 × Giza 3** Resistant to foliar diseases, especially chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae)
Camilina (P4) Minor Introduced from Ethiopia Small seeds, susceptible to foliar diseases
Misr 1 (P5) Equina Derived from Giza3 × 123A/45/76 (FCRI, ARC, Egypt) Susceptible to foliar diseases
Cairo 33 (P6) Equina Selected individually from breeding program (FACU) Susceptible to foliar diseases
  1. FCRI Field Crops Research Institute, FACU Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University (see Abdalla 2015 for details) (*see Muratuva 1931)