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Table 8 Selected studies on the association between hypertension and khat chewing

From: A review of the health implications of heavy metals and pesticide residues on khat users

Type of study Region/ Country of study Association with hypertension Mean age of participants Prevalence rate of hypertension References
Comparative study Butajira, Ethiopia Yes NP* Prevalence of 13.4% for khat chewers while 10.7% for non-khat chewers Miller et al., (2010)
Facility-based cross-sectional Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Yes 41.17 years Prevalence was 14% for khat chewers who were patients in health centers  
Cross-sectional based Ethiopia Yes NP* No information on prevalence was provided. Prevalent conditions include lack of enough physical exercise, low salt intake and relatively high weight Niriayo et al. (2019)
Institution-based cross-sectional based Sidama zone, Ethiopia Yes NP* Prevalence was 24.5%. Khat chewing, alcohol consumption, old age and obesity are prevalent conditions Badego et al. (2020)
Hospital-based cross-sectional based Ethiopia Yes 42.30 years Prevalence was 13.2%. Family history of hypertension, overweight, oral contraceptive and diabetes mellitus are prevalent conditions Gudina et al. (2013)
Community-based Gurage zone, Ethiopia Yes 34.36 years The prevalence was 17.4% for Khat chewers and 8.7% for non-Khat chewers. Age, gender and alcohol intake are prevalent conditions Geta et al. (2019)
  1. *NP not provided