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Table 2 Some biological uses of khat

From: A review of the health implications of heavy metals and pesticide residues on khat users

Form of Khat used

Study specimen

Confirmation property of Khat under investigation

Perceived body benefits


Khat ethanolic extract

Animal models (male albino mice)

Antidepressant properties

Cure diseases such as asthma

Alfaifi et al. (2017)

Fresh Khat shoots

Pregnant women

Enhances intimacy

Relieves pregnancy related stresses and boosts intimacy

Mekuriaw et al. (2020)

Fresh Khat leaves

Adult mice

Reduce gain in body weight

Obesity management and reduction in body weight

Alshagga et al. (2020)

Khat extract and cathinone

Swiss albino mice

Immunomodulatory roles

Helps in combating infectious diseases

Ketema et al. (2015)

Khat extract and/or cathinone

Sprague–Dawley rats

Promote production of testosterone levels

Enhance sexual activity

Mohammed and Engidawork (2011a, b)