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Table 1 Some data on the prevalence of khat consumption in different countries where khat is prevalent

From: A review of the health implications of heavy metals and pesticide residues on khat users

Country of study Type of study Population segment Prevalence of khat consumption (%) References
Ethiopia Systematic review and meta-analysis University students 23.22 Gebrie et al. (2018)
Djibouti Cross-sectional epidemiological survey Patients (129) 48.1 Bennani and Mohamed (2021)
Eastern region, Kenya Cross-sectional household survey Individuals above 10 years 36.8 Ongeri et al. (2019)
Jazan region, Saudi Arabia Cross-sectional survey Students (15–25 years) 21.4 Ageely (2009)
Kisenyi, Uganda Cross-sectional study Male adults 5.53 Abdinasir (2013)