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Table 4 S. aureus genetic diversity as described by the reviewed publications

From: Prevalence, antimicrobial susceptibility and genotypic characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus in Tanzania: a systematic review

Host Sample type Resistant gene Virulence factor spa Type MLST References
Human Wound, pus, nasal swabs (24 MRSA strains from previous studies) mecA (100%) pvl (16.7%) t7231, t690, t064, t104,t1855, t7237 t186, t667 ST88, ST1719, ST8,ST1820 Moremi et al. (2012)
Human Blood, sputum, wound/pus mecA (33.3%) pvl (16.7%), tst (6.7%) both in non mecA isolates ND ST8, ST1, ST152, ST1719, ST15, ST1847, ST188, ST22, ST239, ST30, ST5, ST580, ST6, ST97 Kumburu et al. (2018)
Human Nasal swabs mecA and mecC (None detected) NS t714, t148, t084, t002, t223, t314, t311, t015, t451, t690, t1849, t2030, t10779* ST15, ST18, ST72, ST22, ST5, ST121, ST231, ST45, ST8 Katakweba et al. (2016)
Pig Nasal swab mecA and mecC (None detected) NS t131 ST80 Katakweba et al. (2016)
Dog Nasal swabs mecA and mecC (None detected) NS t084, t127, t223, t314, t267, t508, t1476 ST15, ST18, ST1, ST22, ST121, Katakweba et al. (2016)
Human Nasal and SSTI swabs Mec A (exact information disclosed) pvl (8.3%) t148,t355, t002, t4353, t095, t223, t311, t690, t1257 ST88, ST3118, ST152, ST5, ST72, ST508, ST22, ST4266*, ST612 Moremi et al. (2019)
Human Nasal, SSTI swabs dfrA, dfrG and dfrK. dfrG detected by (37%) NS ND ND Nurjadi et al. (2014)
  1. ND Not done, NS not screened