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Table 3 Effect of water regime on the yield’s production and quality of thirteen Egyptian wheat genotypes (2017–2018)

From: Genetic and biochemical studies on some Egyptian wheat genotypes under drought stress

Genotype Spike weight Spike length in Cm Spikes number Grains’ number/spike 100 grains weight Pollen viability
Well-watered Drought stress Well-watered Drought stress Well-watered Drought stress Well-watered Drought stress Well-watered Drought stress Well-watered Drought stress
Sakha 94 2.34f 2.3fg 11bc 9.5d 19de 19b 47g 49.0ef 3.9de 3.7de 936bc 925de
Sakha 93 3.9de 3.7cde 12abc 10.7bcd 21cd 21ab 66d 64.0d 5.2bcd 5.3bcd 974a 970ab
Gemmieza 10 4.1cde 3.1def 13.67a 10d 19de 21ab 65de 63.3d 4.9cd 4.4bcd 930cd 958abc
Misr 2 3.8de 3.5de 12abc 10.2cd 21cd 21ab 59f 64.3d 4.5cd 4.0cde 932bcd 933cde
Sids 1 4.2cde 4.1bcd 13ab 12.7a 25a 23a 93a 83.3ab 4.9cd 4.4bcd 930cd 920de
Sids 12 7a 6.9a 14a 12.5ab 24ab 21ab 77c 93.7a 5.2bcd 5.73abc 948bc 934cde
Giza 168 3.3ef 3.0ef 12abc 10.2cd 21cd 19b 65de 57.0de 4.4cd 4.6bcd 935bcd 929cde
Misr 1 5.3bc 4.0bcde 11.5abc 11.2abcd 21cd 19b 60.67ef 56.3de 6.7ab 5.97abc 936bc 933cde
Shandaweel 1 6ab 5.0b 12.7ab 12.8a 21cd 23a 86b 90.7ab 5.1bcd 4.2bcde 946bc 929cde
Line 12 5.1bcd 4.9b 14a 12.7a 23abc 23a 88ab 85.0ab 4.4cd 4.4bcd 916d 910e
Line 18 2.2f 1.7g 12abc 9.5d 23abc 19b 42g 40.0f 2.5e 2.4e 939bc 933cde
Line 20 4.5cde 4.6bc 10c 10d 18e 19b 70d 67.7cd 7a 6.2ab 978a 975a
Gemmieza 9 4.3cde 6.4a 14a 12abc 22bc 21ab 75.67c 79.0bc 6.1abc 7.4a 951b 943bcd
LSD 1.31*** 1.02*** ns 1.95** 2.75*** 3.10* 5.07*** 13.45*** 1.79** 1.99** 19.56*** 30.90**
Means 4.31 4.09 12.33 11.08 21.38 20.69 68.76 68.71 4.98 4.82 95.28 94.24
% difference − 5.10 − 10.14 − 3.23 − 0.07 − 3.21 − 99.01
  1. Means followed by different letters within a column for each year have significant differences at the level of P < 0.05 for LSD test