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Table 4 Definition and description of pelvic girdle parameters modified based on Lia et al. (2013)

From: Stature estimation study based on pelvic and sacral morphometric among Malaysian population

No Parameter(s) Description
P1P Ilium transverse length Transverse diameter width of two apex of the antero-superior right and left iliac spine
P2P Pubic inlet transverse diameter Maximum central distance of the widest margins of the pubic inlet
P3P Average pubic inlet longitudinal diameter Distance from the midpoint of sacral body (S1) to the most superior point on the superior edge of the medial aspect of the pubic symphysis
P4P Average pubic height Distance between the most superior and most inferior point on the inferior edge of the medial aspect of the pubic symphysis
P5P Average ilium breadth Distance between apex of the postero-superior iliac spine and apex of the antero-superior iliac spine
P6P Average ilium height Distance between the most superior point of the iliac crest and the farthest point of ischial curve
P7P Average acetabulum width Maximum diameter of the points on the acetabulum margin corresponding to where ilium and ilio-pubic ramus meet
P8P Average acetabulum height Maximum diameter of the most inferior points of the anterior end of the lunate surface of the acetabulum