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Table 11 Correlation and regression statistics for combination of pelvic morphometric against stature

From: Stature estimation study based on pelvic and sacral morphometric among Malaysian population

N Regression Formula SEE R Value R Square Adjusted R Square Mean Abs Deviation MSE AWR (%)
289 55.107 − 0.396*P1P − 1.737*P4P + 1.512*P5P + 4.403*P6P + 2.868*P7P − 0.184*P8P 5.266 0.822 0.676 0.669 3.955 24.100 71.43
  1. Unit in centimetre (cm)
  2. SEE represents standard error of estimation for the generated regression formula; R value represents the Pearson correlation coefficient; Sig. value represents the significant values of the regression ANOVA corresponding to the F value