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Table 4 Statistical parameters for the amount of extracted DNA from 60 samples as cotton and nylon by using spin colon extraction method

From: Human identification from washed blood stains

Fabric type and washing temperature Amount of DNA (normalized)
Fabric Temperature (°C) Mean SD 95% CI
Cotton (30 samples) 40 0.597 0.191 0.472–0.722
  60 0.343 0.154 0.242–0.444
  90 0.175 0.098 0.111–0.239
Nylon (30 samples) 40 0.534 0.137 0.444–0.624
  60 0.279 0.118 0.199–0.359
  90 0.157 0.069 0.107–0.207
  1. In order to categorically compare extracted DNA amount, each value is normalized by the highest extracted amount
  2. *According to the data, extracted amounts were in an agreement with a Normal Distribution. Therefore mean and standard deviation are the two parameters enough to describe such a distribution. Besides, in order to quantitatively interpret the results, we have normalized the extracted amounts for each sample by using highest value. This normalization enabled us to categorically compare DNA amount in terms of means