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Table 1 Description of the aquaculture ponds used in this study

From: Metal contamination and coexistence of metal and antibiotic resistance in Vibrio species recovered from aquaculture ponds with and without history of antibiotic usage in Southwest Nigeria

Aquaculture ponds Pond type Water source Location Antibiotic usage
Aq ponds 1–3 Concrete Borehole, water well Alakuta No
Aq ponds 4–7 Concrete River, stream Alakuta No
Aq ponds 8 Earthen River Alakuta No
Aq ponds 9–12 Earthen Stream Trailer park No
Aq ponds 13–19 Earthen Stream Kelanko Yes
Aq ponds 20–26 Earthen Stream Flash Yes
  1. Aq: Aquaculture; Yes: recognized history of antibiotic use; None: no recognized history of antibiotic use