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Table 8 Effect of compost tea, dry yeast and their mixture on fruit physical quality and total yield of sweet pepper during 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

From: Response of sweet pepper plants to foliar application of compost tea and dry yeast under soilless conditions

Treatment Fruit diameter (cm) Fruit length (cm) Fruit weight (g) Total yield (kg /plant)
1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season
Control 3.27i 3.13i 6.37g 7.62f 70.85g 62.50e 1.09h 1.21f
CT 10 L./fed 3.56h 3.47h 6.73f 7.98ef 75.85fg 70.50de 1.21g 1.33f
CT 20L./fed 4.19e 4.10f 7.00e 8.25de 84.49e 77.00d 1.50e 1.62d
DY 3 g/L 3.76g 3.67g 6.87ef 8.12ef 77.00f 73.50d 1.36f 1.49e
DY 6 g/L 4.06f 4.47e 7.47d 8.72cd 94.03d 90.88c 1.61d 1.73cd
CT 10L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 4.93d 4.67d 7.80c 9.05c 98.17cd 96.09bc 1.67c 1.80c
CT 10L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 5.09c 5.10c 8.00c 9.25bc 101.17bc 99.34bc 1.70c 1.82c
CT 20L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 5.53b 5.37b 8.40b 9.65ab 106.22b 103.48b 1.89b 2.01b
CT 20 L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 6.17a 5.90a 8.77a 10.02a 117.62a 122.68a 2.06a 2.18a
  1. *Values followed by the same letter (s) are not significantly different at 5%