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Table 7 Effect of compost tea, dry yeast and their mixture (a) on vegetative characteristics of sweet pepper during 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. (b) On sweet pepper vegetative characteristics during 2018/2019 and 2019/2020

From: Response of sweet pepper plants to foliar application of compost tea and dry yeast under soilless conditions

Treatments Plant length (cm) Number of branches/plants Number of leaves/plants
1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season
Control 54.67f 58.33g 4.33g 5.00f 151.67f 150.67f
CT 10 L./fed 60.00e 61.33fg 5.67f 6.67e 156.67e 156.00e
CT 20L./fed 64.00 cd 67.00e 7.00de 7.67d 160.33d 159.33de
DY 3 g/L 62.33de 64.67ef 6.33ef 6.37e 157.00e 157.33e
DY 6 g/L 65.00cd 68.33de 7.33d 8.72c 162.33cd 163.00cd
CT 10L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 67.33bc 71.00cd 8.67c 8.83c 162.67cd 165.67bc
CT 10L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 70.00ab 73.33bc 9.00bc 9.02c 165.00bc 169.00b
CT 20L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 69.67ab 75.00b 9.67b 10.00b 166.67b 170.33b
CT 20 L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 72.33a 80.67a 11.67a 11.33a 182.00a 183.67a
Treatments Leaf area (cm2) Leaves fresh weight (g/plant) Leaves dry matter (%)
1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season 1st Season 2nd Season
Control 129.73g 131.87e 351.10f 371.00g 13.83f 15.33f
CT 10 L./fed 132.98fg 133.95de 487.40e 543.00f 16.33e 17.83e
CT 20L./fed 138.25de 135.84de 700.80c 648.00e 18.17d 19.67de
DY 3 g/L 135.39ef 134.19de 539.25d 569.83f 17.17de 18.67c
DY 6 g/L 139.59d 137.60d 717.19c 666.50de 19.33c 20.83c
CT 10L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 144.83c 142.84c 882.68b 714.50d 20.17c 21.67c
CT 10L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 147.33c 147.24c 965.27a 848.00c 20.33c 21.83c
CT 20L./fed. + DY 3 g/L 155.44b 158.09b 980.27a 920.17b 23.00b 24.50b
CT 20 L./fed. + DY 6 g/L 172.47a 184.07a 998.90a 1004.67a 24.67a 26.17a
  1. *Values followed by the same letter (s) are not significantly different at 5%