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Table 6 Items and prices of the economic evaluation used in this study

From: Response of sweet pepper plants to foliar application of compost tea and dry yeast under soilless conditions

Item Price (LE) Item Price (LE)
Pot 2 Seedling 0.5
Peat moss (L) 1.3 Nutrient Solution (L) 8
Perlite (L) 1.8 Power (m2) 10
Irrigation system (m2) 5 Irrigation (m2) 10
Tank 50 compost tea (L) 10
N. plant/m2 12 Yeast (1 g) 0.37
Pepper Market prices kg/FW 8   
Fixed cost = cost of pots + substrate cost + Irrigation system cost
Variable cost = seedlings cost + fertilizer + nutrient solution cost + workers cost
Nutrient solution = one liter of raw nutrient solution is diluted in 100 L of water. Three liters of the prepared solution irrigates 1 m2 daily. This means that in a month 90 L of solution is needed, i.e., for a season of 7 months long it needs 6 L of raw nutrient solution
For yeast solution: five liters was used during the whole season per square meter, i.e., the three times of applications consumed five liters of yeast solution regardless with the rate/concentration
For the compost tea: the rate was calculated as 2.5 cm3 per square meter for one time application so the for the season where spray took place 3 times 7.5 cm3 were used per meter square