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Table 1 Effect of dry powder plant materials on disease assessments of Fusarium solani as well as number of Rhizobium nodules in pea roots system in pots, under greenhouse conditions

From: Application of dry powders of six plant species, as soil amendments, for controlling Fusarium solani and Meloidogyne incognita on pea in pots

Treatments1 (dry powder) Disease assessments (%)     Nodules no  
  Damping-off   Root rot incidence Survival plants   
  Pre-emergence Post-emergence     
      Log10 Incr.%
Caraway seeds 9.4b2 10.7b 10.3bc 79.0ab 14 17
Fennel seeds 9.4b 13.9b 13.9bc 72.2bc 13 8
Garlic gloves 12.5b 14.3b 14.3bc 71.4bc 14 17
Onion bulb 12.5b 17.9ab 17.9b 64.2c 14 17
Pomegranate peel 6.3b 6.7b 7.2c 86.1a 13 8
Spearmint leaves 6.3b 7.2b 9.8bc 83.0ab 16 33
F. solani alone 31.3a 27.5a 31.7a 40.8d 12
  1. 1All treatments were done with artificial infection by F. solani alone
  2. 2Means followed by small letter are not significant according to Duncan's Multiple Range Test at p ≤ 0.05