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Table 3 Nutritional qualities of rat fed with malted finger millet-watermelon seed extruded breakfast meal

From: Extruded breakfast meal from malted finger millet (Eleusine coracana) and watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) seed flour: in-vivo nutritional qualities study

Parameters Goldenmorn MFMWM90 MFMWM86 MFMWM82 MFMWM78 MFMWM75 Basal
Weight gained (g) 52.00a 7.00e 5.00f 11.00d 27.17c 34.00b 4.50 g
Food intake (g) 588.00b 251.19g 330.85f 365.35e 424.61d 487.15c 593.69a
Food efficiency ratio 0.11a 0.01d 0.01d 0.03c 0.06b 0.10a 0.01d
Nitrogen retention (%) 16.29a 13.33b 9.96d 8.65e 12.51c 10.60d 3.67f
Biological value (%) 93.03a 89.75b 87.91c 88.35b 87.82c 88.54b 47.15d
Net protein utilization (%) 90.80a 88.75b 85.65c 84.51d 85.92c 85.86c 45.58e
Protein efficiency ratio 1.74a 0.49d 0.33e 0.64c 1.62b 1.79a 0.11f
Protein retention 8.98a 1.48d 0.76f 1.30e 4.73b 4.44c 0.02g
Relative organ weight (g)
 Kidney 2.86b 0.26c 0.34a 0.20e 0.23d 0.26c 0.08f
 Liver 2.45b 2.63a 1.89d 1.48e 1.30f 2.16c 0.87g
 Heart 0.35a 0.26b 0.24c 0.20d 0.26b 0.23c 0.07e
  1. Means with different alphabetical superscripts in the same row are significantly different at P < 0.05
  2. Key: Goldenmorn (commercial control breakfast meal); Basal (animal chow); MFMWM90: Malted finger millet:Watermelon seeds (90.00:10.00%); MFMWM86: Malted finger millet:Watermelon seeds (86.25:13.75%); MFMWM82: Malted finger millet:Watermelon seeds (82.50:17.50%); MFMWM78: Malted finger millet:Watermelon seeds (78.75:21.25%) and MFMWM75: Malted finger millet:Watermelon seeds (75.00:25.00%)