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Table 1 N and P harvest index (HI) (kg kg−1), internal efficiency (IE) (kg kg−1), reciprocal internal efficiency (RIE) (kg t−1), agronomic use efficiency (AE) (kg kg−1), physiological efficiency (PE) (kg kg−1), partial factor productivity (PFP) (kg kg−1), and recovery efficiency (RE) (%) of sweet corn under different fertilization

From: Fertilization influence on biomass yield and nutrient uptake of sweet corn in potentially hardsetting soil under no tillage

Parameter Full NPK 2 Mg ha−1 VC ½ NPK + 1 Mg ha−1 VC ½ NPK + 2 Mg ha−1 VC Full NPK + 1 Mg ha−1 VC F test
IEN 9.33a,1 8.15c 7.16e 7.58d 8.55b ***2
RIEN 107.14e 122.63c 139.65a 131.88b 116.94d ***
HIN 0.30a 0.25c 0.26c 0.24d 0.28b ***
PFPN 33.12a 25.44b 21.09c 18.78d 26.21b ***
AEN 17.47a 6.02c 3.76d 6.80c 15.06b ***
PEN 10.52ab 12.45a 3.83d 6.47c 8.73bc ***
REN 167a 79c 87c 104b 173a ***
IEP 79.17a 78.27a 60.90c 67.51b 68.98b ***
RIEP 12.63c 12.78c 16.42a 14.81b 14.50b ***
HIP 0.34d 0.35c 0.36b 0.34d 0.37a ***
PFPP 106.19a 62.92c 59.74c 50.92d 77.47b ***
AEP 56.02a 14.89 cd 10.66d 18.43c 44.51b ***
PEP 88.48a 190.13a 32.24a 61.35a 67.36a ns
REP 64a 13c 29b 30b 66a ***
  1. 1Values in the same row within the same parameter followed by different letters are significantly different at P < 0.05 according to Tukey’s HSD test
  2. 2 ns denotes not significant, while *, **, and *** denote significant difference at 0.05, 0.01, and 0.001 levels of significance