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Table 5 Types of interactions in the Palomid 529–4JT6 (mTOR) receptor complex

From: A theoretical insight in interactions of some chemical compounds as mTOR inhibitors

Distance Types From From Chemistry To To Chemistry
1.650 Conventional Hydrogen Bond A:TYR867:HH H-Donor :RES1:O3 H-Acceptor
2.300 Conventional Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H22 H-Donor A:VAL882:O H-Acceptor
2.487 Carbon Hydrogen Bond A:ASP964:HA H-Donor :RES1:O2 H-Acceptor
2.301 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H13 H-Donor :RES1:O2 H-Acceptor
2.969 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H5 H-Donor A:ASP837:O H-Acceptor
2.514 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H7 H-Donor A:ASP837:O H-Acceptor
2.072 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H9 H-Donor A:GLU836:OE1 H-Acceptor
3.481 Pi–Anion A:ASP964:OD1 Negative :RES1 Pi-Orbitals
2.927 Pi–Donor Hydrogen Bond A:ASP964:HN H-Donor :RES1 Pi-Orbitals
5.382 Pi–Pi T-shaped A:TYR867 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Pi-Orbitals
4.250 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE879 Alkyl
4.362 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE963 Alkyl
4.998 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:LEU831 Alkyl
4.904 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE879 Alkyl
3.954 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE963 Alkyl
5.354 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:LEU831 Alkyl
5.417 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE879 Alkyl
4.342 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals A:ILE963 Alkyl