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Table 3 Types of interactions in the Reference ligand (X6K)-4JT6 (mTOR) receptor complex

From: A theoretical insight in interactions of some chemical compounds as mTOR inhibitors

Distance Types From From Chemistry To To Chemistry Angle DHA Angle HAY
1.766 Conventional Hydrogen Bond B:VAL2240:HN H-Donor :RES1:O2 H-Acceptor 151.351 123.36
2.275 Conventional Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H01 H-Donor B:ASP2195:OD2 H-Acceptor 153.335 136.905
2.653 Carbon Hydrogen Bond B:TRP2239:HA H-Donor :RES1:O2 H-Acceptor 138.065 105.269
2.762 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H101 H-Donor B:GLY2238:O H-Acceptor 112.187 161.952
2.775 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H111 H-Donor B:VAL2240:O H-Acceptor 146.604 124.89
2.254 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H121 H-Donor :RES1:O1 H-Acceptor 116.681 96.896
2.715 Carbon Hydrogen Bond :RES1:H91 H-Donor B:GLY2238:O H-Acceptor 125.859 133.916
5.115 Alkyl B:VAL2240 Alkyl :RES1 Alkyl   
5.185 Alkyl B:MET2345 Alkyl :RES1 Alkyl   
5.368 Alkyl B:ILE2356 Alkyl :RES1 Alkyl   
5.496 Pi–Alkyl B:TYR2225 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Alkyl   
4.846 Pi–Alkyl B:TRP2239 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Alkyl   
5.281 Pi–Alkyl B:TRP2239 Pi-Orbitals :RES1 Alkyl   
4.880 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:ILE2163 Alkyl   
4.864 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:LEU2185 Alkyl   
4.640 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:LEU2185 Alkyl   
4.398 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:ILE2356 Alkyl   
5.402 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:LYS2187 Alkyl   
4.650 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:ILE2237 Alkyl   
4.956 Pi–Alkyl :RES1 Pi-Orbitals B:ILE2356 Alkyl