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Table 1 The mean, standard deviation (SD) values of LOG 10 of C. albicans and E. faecalis bacterial count of different groups

From: Effect of photodynamic therapy using diode laser and a novel plant extract irrigant against Enterococcus faecalis and Candida albicans

Variables Candida and bacterial count
Candida E. faecalis
Mean SD Mean SD
Control 4.46a 0.19 6.20a 0.06
Moringa 3.12ab 0.16 4.78b 0.05
Moringa and laser 1.32b 1.81 4.15c 0.16
PDT 1.80b 1.64 4.25c 0.05
Laser 3.12ab 0.16 4.30c 0.08
p value 0.002* < 0.001*
  1. Means with different letters in the same column indicate statistically significance difference
  2. *significant (p < 0.05)