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Table 1 Microbes isolated from food samples

From: Screening and enhancement of the antimicrobial activity of some plant oils using liposomes as nanoscale carrier

Isolate name Isolate code Sourcea
E. coli ES1b Raw milk
ES2b Yoghurt
ES6 Raw milk
ES10b Raw milk
ES12 Raw milk
ES14b Raw milk
ES18b Raw milk
ES24 Hot chili powder
ES25b Raw milk
ES27 Raw milk
ES28b Yoghurt
ES29 Raw milk
ES30 Yoghurt
ES31 Raw milk
ES34 Mayonnaise
ES38 Raw milk
ES42 Raw milk
Salmonella SS1 Raw milk
SS14 Raw milk
SS18 Raw milk
SS21 Hot chili powder
SS31 Raw milk
Candida albicans CS7 Yoghurt
  1. aAll samples were collected from local markets, Helwan area
  2. bPathogenic E. coli isolates