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Table 3 Frequencies (n) and percentages (%) for answers regarding protection against COVID-19

From: Awareness and knowledge of undergraduate dental students about the signs and symptoms of Corona viral infection (COVID-19), and the required infection control measures to prevent its spread

Protection against COVID-19 n %
Disinfection of surfaces in between the patients should be done using
 Sodium hypochlorite 962 61.9
 Dettol 284 18.3
 Ethyl alcohol 70% 1318 84.8
 Methyl alcohol 70% 226 14.5
Which type of mask do you prefer to wear for better protection during performing dental treatment?
 N95 1374 88.4
 Surgical mask 181 11.6
Surgical masks provide better protection for the person
 Wearing it 680 43.7
 In front of the one wearing it 875 56.3