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Table 1 Frequencies (n) and percentages (%) for responses to questions regarding knowledge and attitudes toward COVID-19 (n = 1555)

From: Awareness and knowledge of undergraduate dental students about the signs and symptoms of Corona viral infection (COVID-19), and the required infection control measures to prevent its spread

Knowledge and attitudes toward COVID-19 n %
COVID-19 is a highly dangerous disease
 Strongly agree 1002 64.4
 Agree 505 32.5
 I don’t know 11 0.7
 Disagree 32 2.1
 Strongly disagree 5 0.3
Patient is suspected to be COVID-19 positive if he is suffering from
 Fever 1312 84.4
 Dry cough 1240 79.7
 Wet cough 112 7.2
 Loss of taste and smell 953 61.3
 Pain all over the body 1030 66.2
 Difficulty in breathing 1390 89.4
 Sore throat 796 51.2
 Sneezing 404 26.0
 Saliva can transmit COVID-19 1512 97.2
Using a high-speed hand piece in performing the dental treatment can increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to the dentist and in between the patients
 Agree 1280 82.3
 Neutral 98 6.3
 Disagree 177 11.4
If screening for the dental patients showed a patient with fever and suspected to be a COVID-19 positive patient; you will
 Accept to perform the dental treatment for him/her 194 12.5
 Postpone the dental treatment to another visit 812 52.2
 Refer the patient to another dentist who is more experienced in infection control 549 35.3