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Table 1 Diagnostic list of 14 banana cultivars from Java Island and outgroup used in this study

From: Phylogeny and estimated genetic divergence times of banana cultivars (Musa spp.) from Java Island by maturase K (matK) genes

Local name Species name Group and GenBank acc. number Locality
Rejang Musa acuminata (AA) cv.Rejang AA Yogyakarta
Mas Musa acuminata (AA) cv.Mas AA Yogyakarta
Berlin Musa acuminata (AA) cv.Berlin AA Banyuwangi
Kojo Santen Musa acuminata (AAA) cv.Kojo Santen AAA Pasuruan
Ambon Hong Musa acuminata (AAA) cv.Ambon Hong AAA Purworejo
Morosebo Musa acuminata (AAA) cv.Morosebo AAA Yogyakarta
Raja Seribu Musa acuminata x Musa balbisiana (AAB) cv.Seribu AAB DKI Jakarta
Triolin Musa acuminata x Musa balbisiana (AAB) cv.Triolin AAB Bantul
Brentel Warangan Musa acuminata x Musa balbisiana (AAB) cv.Brentel Warangan AAB Karanganyar
Saba Awu Musa acuminata x Musa balbisiana (ABB) cv.Saba Awu ABB Malang
Ebung Musa acuminata (ABB) cv.Ebung ABB Ponorogo
Raja Bandung Musa acuminata x Musa balbisiana (ABB) cv.Raja Bandung ABB Bantul
Kluthuk Ijo Musa balbisiana (BB) cv.Kluthuk Ijo BBw Pasuruan
Kluthuk Wulung Musa balbisiana (BB) cv.Kluthuk Wulung BBw Banyumas
Musella lasiocarpa Musella lasiocarpaa AF478909.1b NCBI collection
Ensete glaucum Ensete glaucuma KX619473.1b NCBI collection
  1. Genome identity based on morphological character
  2. aOut-group from NCBI
  3. bGenBank acc. number