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Table 1 Location of some of the species of Arisaema

From: Traditional uses, phytochemistry, pharmacology and toxicity of Arisaema (Areaceae): a review

PLANT Location References
Arisaema erubuscens Central and Southern China Ducki et al. (1995)
Arisaema flavum Nanital and Uttranchal (India) Singh and Kamboj (2004)
Arisaema tortuosum In the regions of scrub and alpine meadows in the Himalaya Southern India, western China, Myanmar and Rhododendron forest areas, Baragali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Nile and Park (2014),  Azam et al. (2016)
Arisaema intermedium Blume Shimla, Asia, Africa, Pacific Damme et al. (1995), Kaur et al. (2005), Kaur et al. (2009)
Arisaema wallichianum Shimla, Asia, Africa, Pacific Damme et al. (1995), Kaur et al. (2005), Kaur et al. (2009)
Arisaema jacquemontii Blume Shimla, Lakary mountains, Shamshaki, District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan upper forest and lower alpine zone in the drier areas of Himalayas in the range of 2400–4000 m, nilgiri hills in khasi, hill regions of north east india, and in southern india Himalayan forests at an altitude of 2300–4300, mountaneous areas of kalam Khyber pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, Afganistan, China, Nepal Kunkel (1984), Damme et al. (1995), Kaur et al. (2006), Sudan et al. (2014), Banyal et al. (2014), Tabassum et al. (2019)
Arisaema murrayi Hook Maharastra including, Lonawala, Khandala, Mulshi (Dongarwadi) Satara (kas), Mahableshwar and Radhanagari Sagar et al. (2014)
Arisaema utile Pulwama (Jammu & Kashmir) Mubashir and Shah (2012)
Arisaema leschenaultii Srilanka, south India in the hills of Karnataka,Kerala and Tamil Nadu Fyson (1932), Shaw and Will (1973), Selvakumari (2015)
Arisaema anurans China, Siberia, Mongolia, and Korea Zhu et al. (2013), Jia et al. (2018)
Arisaema franchechianum China including Yunan,Sichuan, Guizhou and Guanxi, Songmong country of Yunan region China, Guang wan Hu et al. (2012), Li et al. (2013)
Arisaema curvatum kunth Hills of Nanital situated in the western range of Himalayas at altitude of ascending upto 2300 m Singh et al. (2008)
Arisaema lipens Mossy forests and bamboo copses of Hunan, South east Tibet, Yuman, S.chuan, Guizhou and Guangxi Li et al. (1979)