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Table 8 Carcinogenic risk assessment

From: Ecological risk assessment of the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of the abandoned sections of Orji Mechanic Village, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Sample points Risking Riskinh Riskderm Total cancer risk
A 1.37E−04 4.47E−22 1.18E−04 2.55E−04
B 3.05E−04 1.23E−22 2.96E−05 3.35E−04
C 3.39E−05 1.11E−22 2.91E−05 5.90E−04
D 4.64E−05 1.51E−22 3.98E−05 8.62E−05
E 2.35E−05 7.65E−23 2.01E−05 4.36E−05
CN1 6.33E−05 2.06E−22 5.43E−05 1.30E−04
CN2 1.02E−04 3.29E−22 8.68E−05 1.89E−04