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Table 7 Carcinogenic potency of the PAHs in the study area

From: Ecological risk assessment of the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of the abandoned sections of Orji Mechanic Village, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

PAHs No of Rings TEQF (PAHc × TEQF)
Nap 2 0.001 5.12E−05 7.03E−06 0.00 0.00 4.31E−06 3.88E−08 0.00
Apt 3 0.001 4.67E−06 5.65E−05 0.00 7.24E−05 8.56E−06 7.01E−09 0.00
Aph 3 0.001 4.98E−05 2.37E−05 2.43E−04 8.85E−06 3.30E−06 7.55E−07 4.27E−05
Flu 3 0.001 3.87E−05 2.38E−05 6.70E−05 1.93E−05 7.04E−06 4.17E−07 2.01E−06
Phe 3 0.001 1.41E−05 5.14E−05 3.45E−05 6.68E−06 2.98E−05 4.43E−06 8.60E−06
Ant 3 0.01 1.04E−04 1.77E−05 1.15E−04 7.33E−05 1.53E−05 7.82E−07 1.26E−04
Fla 4 0.001 1.29E−05 3.17E−05 3.72E−06 6.60E−06 1.57E−05 3.75E−07 1.53E−05
Pyr 4 0.001 6.87E−06 6.54E−06 4.46E−06 3.23E−06 3.19E−06 1.96E−07 5.39E−06
Ban 4 0.10 4.22E−03 4.19E−04 9.81E−04 4.82E−04 1.38E−04 6.97E−05 1.19E−04
Chy 4 0.01 1.25E−04 1.82E−04 1.06E−05 2.74E−05 1.12E−04 3.36E−05 5.90E−05
Bbf 5 0.10 1.81E−03 1.45E−03 2.56E−05 8.21E−04 6.44E−04 2.36E−04 8.15E−04
Bkf 5 0.10 2.51E−03 5.39E−04 3.09E−04 5.25E−04 2.01E−04 1.40E−04 6.96E−04
Indp 6 1.00 5.63E−02 3.22E−02 9.56E−03 5.42E−02 1.21E−02 6.91E−02 4.44E−02
Dbh 6 1.00 3.88E−01 7.85E−02 1.01E−01 9.64E−02 6.42E−02 1.39E−01 2.88E−01
BaPeq (mg/kg dm)    4.53E−01 1.14E−01 1.12E−01 1.53E−01 7.75E−02 2.09E−01 3.34E−01