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Table 3 PAHs (mg/kg) concentrations associated with the study area

From: Ecological risk assessment of the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of the abandoned sections of Orji Mechanic Village, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Sample points Min Max Mean STD % CV ∑PAHs ∑LPAHs ∑HPAHs ∑Carc-PAHs ∑COMB- PAHs
A 1.05E−03 7.13E−01 5.60E−02 0.01 13.41 6.71E−01 1.13E−01 5.42E−01 5.39E−01 1.74E−01
B 1.06E−03 1.84E−01 2.44E−02 0.00 16.31 2.92E−01 1.01E−01 1.53E−01 1.53E−01 1.13E−01
C 2.56E−04 6.88E−01 4.27E−02 0.02 45.43 5.01E−01 1.60E−01 3.05E−01 3.05E−01 7.80E−02
D 2.52E−04 2.76E−01 2.24E−02 0.01 34.87 2.23E−01 4.20E−02 1.72E−01 1.72E−01 8.38E−02
E 1.73E−04 1.75E−01 1.22E−02 0.00 45.57 1.58E−01 4.18E−02 9.74E−02 9.74E−02 5.21E−02
CN1 7.82E−05 1.39E−01 1.64E−02 0.01 35.61 1.99E−01 7.16E−03 1.81E−02 1.81E−01 1.19E−01
CN2 4.57E−04 4.10E−01 3.86E−02 0.03 88.34 4.41E−01 6.52E−02 3.55E−01 3.55E−01 8.73E−02
  1. where the coefficient of variation (% CV), the sum of all the PAHs determined (∑PAHs), the sum of high molecular weight (4–6 rings) PAHs (∑HPAHs), the sum of low molecular weight (2–3 rings) PAHs (∑LPAHs), the sum of combustible PAHs (∑Comb-PAHs)—(Fla, Pyr, Ban, Chy, BkF, BbF, and Indp), and the sum of carcinogenic PAHs (∑Carc-PAHs)-(Ban, Chy, BkF, BbF, Dbh, and Indp)