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Table 2 Concentration (mg/kg) of PAHs in the soil samples

From: Ecological risk assessment of the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of the abandoned sections of Orji Mechanic Village, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Sample points Depth Cm Nap Apt Aph Flu Phe Ant Fla Pyr Ban Chy Bbf Bkf Indp Dbh
A1 0–10 ND ND 7.6733E−2 4.5678E−2 1.6897E−2 1.6322E−2 3.5225E−2 1.3683E−2 7.9193E−3 1.8104E−2 3.2806E−2 2.1319E−2 1.5031E−1 7.1276E−1
A2 10–20 ND 4.0357E−3 5.3274E−2 4.0012E−2 1.3567E−2 1.3567E−2 2.4462E−3 1.4325E−3 6.5429E−2 1.7538E−2 1.8652E−2 4.7081E−2 1.6057E−2 4.4761E−1
A3 21–30 5.1213E−2 5.2943E−3 1.9538E−2 3.0336E−2 1.1953E−2 1.1713E−3 1.0474E−3 5.5089E−3 5.3285E−2 1.8237E−3 2.9364E−3 6.8081E−3 2.5737E−3 2.5134E−3
B1 0–10 9.8506E−3 3.1403E−2 2.7813E−3 1.7743E−2 9.4814E−2 1.0739E−3 5.2071E−2 7.7454E−3 1.0613E−3 2.8556E−2 1.8382E−2 3.0430E−3 2.2492E−2 1.8391E−1
B2 10–20 9.2034E−3 ND 3.5045E−2 2.3465E−2 7.5637E−2 1.6124E−3 3.6204E−2 6.2067E−1 4.3268E−3 1.2365E−2 1.4576E−2 5.2131E−3 3.0214E−2 1.4568E−2
B3 21–30 8.1505E−2 ND 3.3196E−2 3.0216E−2 3.7157E−3 2.6367E−3 6.8092E−3 5.6820E−3 7.1847E−3 1.3589E−2 1.0517E−2 7.9053E−3 4.3915E−2 3.7131E−2
C1 0–10 ND ND 2.4263E−1 1.9757E−2 3.6310E−3 2.6884E−2 7.8186E−2 1.4682E−2 6.4659E−3 1.9373E−3 5.5477E−3 6.5511E−3 5.8884E−2 6.8789E−1
C2 10–20 ND ND ND 2.5487E−2 3.5212E−2 1.2501E−2 4.6215E−3 5.2106E−3 7.5247E−3 1.4352E−3 3.7640E−3 4.2150E−3 3.3709E−3 3.4616E−3
C3 21–30 ND ND ND 6.6979E−2 3.4497E−2 1.1460E−2 3.7249E−3 4.4552E−3 9.8061E−3 1.0618E−3 2.5553E−4 3.0949E−3 9.5634E−3 1.0108E−1
D1 0–10 ND 1.2176E−1 2.4567E−2 5.1073E−2 1.6584E−2 1.8098E−2 1.6473E−2 9..6417E−3 8.8207E−3 4.8779E−3 1.7660E−2 1.0690E−2 1.2781E−1 2.7585E−1
D2 10–20 ND 2.3104E−2 1.6902E−3 6.4319E−3 2.2509E−3 3.2645E−3 2.8768E−3 5.8427E−3 5.3728E−3 2.4380E−3 6.2087E−3 4.7307E−3 2.5681E−2 1.0453E−3
D3 21–30 ND ND 3.0332E−4 2.6996E−4 1.1965E−3 6.2991E−4 4.5242E−4 6.0861E−4 2.5230E−4 9.1173E−4 7.5668E−4 3.2850E−4 9.0052E−3 1.2285E−2
E1 0–10 8.7405E−3 2.0321E−2 3.6702E−3 1.6632E−2 8.2712E−2 2.6478E−3 4.1263E−2 6.6243E−3 2.4513E−3 1.9667E−2 1.7493E−2 4.0342E−3 3.3281E−2 1.7482E−1
E2 10–20 3.4213E−3 5.0436E−3 3.7102E−3 3.0632E−3 6.3532E−3 1.4132E−3 5.2548E−3 2.4160E−3 1.5028E−3 1.3747E−2 1.6261E−3 1.6320E−3 1.7142E−3 1.6297E−2
E3 21–30 7.5413E−4 3.2503E−4 2.5310E−3 1.4321E−3 3.4814E−4 5.3737E−4 6.2351E−4 5.3462E−4 1.7312E−4 1.8376E−4 1.9282E−4 3.7465E−4 1.3254E−3 1.5376E−3
CN1.1 0–10 3.8829E−5 7.0078E−6 7.5519E−4 1.0435E−3 2.0795E−3 8.0111E−3 5.1001E−3 2.2468E−2 3.2689E−2 4.2723E−2 3.5993E−2 2.5419E−2 4.1336E−2 4.5334E−2
CN1.2 10–20 ND ND ND 6.0268E−4 3.6021E−3 4.6891E−4 6.5023E−4 3.2675E−3 4.3720E−3 3.9746E−3 5.2063E−3 1.9452E−3 5.4673E−2 3.4782E−2
CN1.3 21–30 ND ND ND 4.1677E−4 4.4250E−3 7.8225E−5 3.7531E−4 1.9577E−4 6.9676E−4 3.3613E−3 2.3631E−3 1.4015E−3 6.9065E−2 1.3865E−1
CN2.1 0–10 ND ND 6.3152E−2 ND 1.9578E−2 3.3510E−2 2.7711E−2 8.0358E−3 2.4840E−3 9.2703E−3 1.3615E−2 1.5426E−2 1.1555E−1 4.0964E−1
CN2.2 10–20 ND ND 5.4357E−2 2.4768E−3 3.2760E−3 3.4671E−3 1.0367E−2 5.2672E−3 4.5673E−4 6.3276E−3 6.2316E−3 3.5672E−3 1.3541E−3 3.2262E−1
CN2.3 21–30 ND ND 1.0461E−2 1.5407E−3 2.9361E−3 9.6803E−4 7.7988E−3 2.8626E−3 6.4287E−4 2.1029E−3 4.6131E−3 1.8825E−3 1.6370E−2 1.3285E−1
Min   3.88E−05 7.01E−06 3.03E−04 2.70E−04 3.48E−04 7.82E−05 3.75E−04 1.96E−04 1.73E−04 1.84E−04 1.93E−04 3.29E−04 1.33E−03 1.05E−03
Max   9.85E−03 1.22E−01 2.43E−01 6.70E−02 9.48E−02 3.35E−02 7.82E−02 2.25E−02 3.27E−02 4.27E−02 3.60E−02 2.54E−02 1.28E−01 6.88E−01
Mean   1.50E−03 1.57E−02 2.66E−02 1.49E−02 2.07E−02 7.18E−03 1.67E−02 6.01E−03 5.35E−03 9.36E−03 9.17E−03 5.64E−03 3.70E−02 1.44E−01
STD   0.00 0.03 0.06 0.02 0.03 0.01 0.02 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.04 0.18
  1. where naphthalene (Nap), acenaphthylene (Apt), acenaphthene (Aph), fluorene (Flu), phenanthrene (Phe), anthracene (Ant), fluoranthene (Fla), pyrene (Pyr), benzo(a)anthracene (Ban), chrysene (Chy), benzo(b) fluoranthene (Bbf), benzo(k) fluoranthene (Bkf), indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene (Idp), dibenzo(a,h)anthracene (Dbh), standard deviation (STD), minimum (Min), maximum (Max)