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Table 1 Values of the parameters used for cancer health risk assessment

From: Ecological risk assessment of the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils of the abandoned sections of Orji Mechanic Village, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Parameters Unit Values for adult References
Rate of ingestion (RI) mg/day 100.00 USEPA (2011)
Exposed skin area (ESA) cm2day 3300.00 Hue et al. (2014)
Skin adherence factor (SAF) mg/cm2 0.20 Man et al (2013)
Frequency of exposure (FE) Days/year 312.00 Man et al (2013)
Duration of exposure (DE) Year 30.00 Cao et al. (2019)
Time of exposure (ET) h/day 8.00 Man et al (2013)
Averaging time (AT) Day (70 yr \(\times \hspace{0.17em}\)365 days/yr) = 25, 550 USEPA (2009)
Averaging time (ATx) h/day 70 yr \(\times\) 365 days/yr \(\times\) 24 h USEPA (2009)
Oral slope factor (OSF) (mg/kg day)−1 7.30 USEPA (2012)
Gastrointestinal absorption factor (GIAF) \(\times\) (OSF) (mg/kg day)−1 7.30 USEPA (2012)
Dermal absorption factor DAF (mg/kg day)−1 0.13 Man et al (2013)
Inhalation unit risk (IUR) (mg/kg day)−1 1.1 \(\times\) 10–6 USEPA (2012)
Body weight (BW) kg 60 Onyedikachi et al (2019)
Particle emission factor (PEF) m3/kg 1.36 × 109 Wang et al. (2018)
Conversion factor (CF) kg/mg 1 \(\times\) 10–6 Man et al (2013)