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Table 3 Comparison of phenolic acids under the five different light qualities on Ceratonia siliqua L

From: Biochemical characterization of micropropagated Ceratonia siliqua L. under effect of growth regulators and light quality

Compounds (μg/ml)White (control)YellowGreenBlueRed
Gallic acid6.186.304.415.564.46
Protocatechuic acid2.762.502.782.631.97
p-Hydroxybenzoic acid0.001.793.393.162.20
Gentisic acid0.200.150.691.080.58
Chlorogenic acid0.
Syringic acid2.941.292.726.812.14
Vanillic acid1.481.411.621.691.79
Ferulic acid0.
Sinapic acid0.
p-Coumaric acid3.130.650.540.991.00
Rosmarinic acid0.460.
Cinnamic acid0.