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Table 3 Effect of different concentration 2,4-D and BA on the response of callus induction (%) from young leaves of Z. officinale Roscoe and means of callus fresh weight after 4 weeks

From: Identification of DNA variation in callus derived from Zingiber officinale and anticoagulation activities of ginger rhizome and callus

*Growth regulators’ concentration (mg/l)Callus induction (%)Mean fresh weight of callus (g/explant)Color of callusTexture
2,4-DBA ± 0.0
3.01.075 ± 0.152.93 ± 0.09Greenish yellowGranulated
2.01.081 ± 0.403.89 ± 0.22WhiteFriable
0.50.566.6 ± 0.322.98 ± 0.20Greenish whiteCompact
  1. Values expressed as mean ± SD
  2. *2,4-D dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, BA benzyl adenine