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Table 1 Names, locations, and response to glyphosate of the 82 populations of flaxleaf fleabane used in this AFLP analysis. Data in boldface shows populations selected for the dose response experiment

From: Genetic diversity and spread of glyphosate-resistant flaxleaf fleabane

Location Study label Response to glyphosate
SNSW FLE01 Resistant
SNSW FLE02 Resistant
SNSW FLE03 Resistant
SNSW FLE04 Resistant
SNSW FLE05 Resistant
SNSW FLE06 Resistant
SNSW FLE07 Resistant
SNSW FLE08 Resistant
SNSW FLE09 Resistant
SNSW FLE10 Resistant
SNSW FLE11 Resistant
SNSW FLE12 Resistant
SNSW FLE13 Resistant
SNSW FLE14 Susceptible
SNSW FLE15 Resistant
SNSW FLE16 Susceptible
SNSW FLE17 Resistant
SNSW FLE18 Susceptible
SNSW FLE19 Resistant
SNSW FLE20 Resistant
SNSW FLE21 Susceptible
SNSW FLE22 Resistant
SNSW FLE23 Resistant
SNSW FLE24 Resistant
SNSW FLE25 Resistant
SNSW FLE26 Resistant
SNSW FLE27 Resistant
SA FB01C Susceptible
SA FB02C Resistant
SA FB03C Resistant
SA FB04C Resistant
SA FB05C Resistant
SA FB06C Resistant
SA FB07C Resistant
SA FB08C Susceptible
SA FBWIR Susceptible
SA FBTAR Susceptible
NNSW NNSW01 Susceptible
NNSW NNSW02 Susceptible
NNSW NNSW03 Susceptible
NNSW NNSW04 Resistant
NNSW NNSW05 Susceptible
NNSW NNSW06 Resistant
NNSW NNSW08 Resistant
NNSW NNSW09 Resistant
NNSW NNSW10 Susceptible
NNSW NNSW11 Resistant
NNSW NNSW12 Susceptible
NNSW NNSW13 Resistant
NNSW NNSW14 Resistant
NNSW NNSW15 Susceptible
SEQSLD SEQLD01 Resistant
SEQSLD SEQLD02 Susceptible
SEQSLD SEQLD04 Susceptible
SEQSLD SEQLD05 Resistant
SEQSLD SEQLD07 Resistant
SEQSLD SEQLD08 Resistant
VIC FB01 Susceptible
VIC FB02 Susceptible
VIC FB03 Susceptible
VIC FB04 Susceptible
VIC FB05 Susceptible
VIC FB06 Susceptible
VIC FB07 Susceptible
VIC FB08 Susceptible
VIC FB09 Susceptible
VIC FB10 Susceptible
VIC FB11 Susceptible
VIC FB12 Susceptible
VIC FB13 Susceptible
VIC FB14 Susceptible
WA WA04 Susceptible
WA WA17 Susceptible
WA WA20 Susceptible
WA WA24 Susceptible
WA WA25 Susceptible
WA WA26 Susceptible
WA WA29 Susceptible
WA WA30 Susceptible
  1. SNSW Southern New South Wales, SA South Australia, NNSW Northern New South Wales, SEQSLD South-eastern Queensland, VIC Victoria, WA Western Australia