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Table 5 Some properties of W0, WSG1, WSG2 and WSG3 samples sintered at 900 °C/2 h

From: Correction to: Trials of reuse the Pb-containing wastes of crystal glass factories into useable new materials

Sample No Physical Properties Nature of the Product Photo
Density g/cc±0.005 Compression strength KN/mm2±0.1 Porosity %±1
W0 0.392 10.26 30.19 Ceramic material: Yellowish green with very porous
WSG1 2.509 31.16 9.81 Ceramic material: light yellowish green
WSG2 2.732 15.16 9.33 Ceramic material: light whitish green
WSG3 2.743 83.25 14.02 Ceramic material: light green