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Table 3 Microscopic morphological appearance of the yeast isolates

From: Antagonistic pattern of yeast species against some selected food-borne pathogens

Isolate code Shape Elevation Edge Texture Colour Lactophenol cotton blue
AJ4 Ellipsoidal Flat Smooth Butyrous Creamy Single budding cell
MK4 Ellipsoidal Raise Serrated Mucoid Creamy Multiple budding with pronounced pseudo-hyphae
PA2 Spherical Flat Smooth Butyrous Creamy Single-polar budding
Pw1 Spherical Raise Smooth Butyrous Creamy Unipolar budding
Pw4 Ellipsoidal Flat Serrated Butyrous Creamy Singly budding cells
OR1 Spherical Raise Smooth Butyrous White Unipolar budding cells
OR2 Spherical Raise Smooth Butyrous Pinkish Singly budding