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Table 1 List of selected antiviral flavonoids (phytochemicals) and drugs used as control for docking against Mpro/3CLpro, PLpro and ACE2 of COVID-19

From: Luteolin and abyssinone II as potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2: an in silico molecular modeling approach in battling the COVID-19 outbreak

Flavonoid class Name Flavonoids Flavonoid class Name Flavonoids
Flavones C1 Apigenin Flavans C24 (+)-Catechin
C2 Baicalein C25 (−)-Epigallocatechin gallate
C3 Luteolin C26 (−)-Epicatechin gallate
C4 Orientin C27 (−)-Epigallocatechin
C5 Vitexin Isoflavones C28 Genistein
C6 Chrysosplenol C C29 Glycitein
C7 Wogonoside C30 Daidzein
C8 Chrysin C31 Puerarin
C9 Tangeretin C32 Ononin
C10 Wogonin C33 Biochanin A
Flavonols C11 Quercetin C34 Formononetin
C12 Kaempferol Anthocyanidins C35 Cyanidin
C13 Rutin C36 Peonidin
C14 Fisetin C37 Malvidin
C15 Theaflavin C38 Apigenidin
C16 Luteoforol C39 Delphinidin
C17 Myricetin Flavanones C40 Eriodictyol
C18 3-Methylkaempferol C41 Hesperetin
C19 Isorhamnetin C42 Naringenin
C20 Galangin C43 Abyssinone II
C21 Morin Control Con-1 Hydroxychloroquine
Chalcones C22 Sappanchalcone Con-2 Remdesivir
C23 3-Deoxysappanchalcone Con-3 Camostat mesylate