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Table 4 Relationship between cotton planting date, natural enemies and pests population with cotton yield

From: Relationship between cotton planting date and two bollworms associated with their natural enemies

Planting date Cotton yield (quintals/Fadden) Total natural enemies/season Total pest no./season
23rd of March 6.94 a 760.00 a 67.00 b
17th of April 5.21 b 561.00 b 88.00 a
6th of May 3.37 c 451.00 c 72.00 b
LSD0.05 0.46 41.62 6.73
  1. L.S.D0.05 least significant difference at 0.05 level of probability; means accompanied by the same letter in the same column are not significantly different at 0.05 level of probability