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Table 5 Percentage of different chemical groups of coriander waste essential oil under different storage conditions for 1 year

From: Evaluation of essential oil isolated from dry coriander seeds and recycling of the plant waste under different storage conditions

Groups Treatments
T4 T5 T6
Monoterpenes hydrocarbons (MH) 2.64 2.17 3.59
Oxygenated monoterpenes (OM) 71.52 69.1 66.49
Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons (SH) 4.01 2.88 3.32
Oxygenated sesquiterpenes (OS) 1.05 0.87 1.36
Various compounds (VC) 15.72 18.2 17.84
Total 94.94 93.22 92.6
  1. T4 = Extracted and analyzed the essential oil from dry waste directly after harvest. T5 = Analyzed the essential oil which extracted from dry waste immediately after harvest and stored in the refrigerator at 5 °C (cool conditions for 1 year). T6 = Extracted and analyzed the oil from dry waste which stored at room temperature for 1 year