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Table 11 Water quality for irrigation according to College of Agricultural Sciences (2002) and U.S. Salinity Laboratory Staff (1954)

From: GIS-based assessment of groundwater quality and suitability for drinking and irrigation purposes in the outlet and central parts of Wadi El-Assiuti, Assiut Governorate, Egypt

EC class Water quality EC range (pS/cm) Usage SAR class Water quality SAR range Usage
C1 Low salinity 0–250 Can be used for irrigation of most crops on most soils S1 Low sodium 0–10 Can be used for all soils
C2 Medium salinity 250–750 Can be used if a moderate amount of leaching is occurs S2 Medium sodium 10–18 Preferably used with good permeability
C3 High salinity 750–2250 Cannot be used with restricted drainage S3 High sodium 18–26 Can produce harmful effects
C4 Very high salinity > 2250 Can be used for irrigation of cannot be used with drainage. restricted S4 Very high sodium 26–100 Unsuitable for irrigation except at low and medium salinity