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Table 2 Effect of pre-soaking maize seeds in IAA for 48 hours on concentration and distribution of endogenous IAA in soaked seeds and 5-days-old seedlings

From: Effect of exogenous salicylic acid or indole acetic acid on their endogenous levels, germination, and growth in maize

Endogenous IAA Soaked seeds 5-days-old seedlings
Conc μg/g Amount μg/seed Shoot Root Seeds
Conc μg/g Amount μg/seed Conc μg/g Amount μg/seed Conc μg/g Amount μg/seed
2 mM IAA 27.2a 9.55a 1.66a o.16a 3.22a 0.36b 7.73a 3.42a
1 mM IAA 23.1b 9.12a 1.43ab 0.13b 3.24a 0.47a 3.54b 1.32b
0.5 mM IAA 20.9b 7.57b 1.38ab 0.12b 2.48b 0.23c 2.51b 1.20b
0.25 mM IAA 21.3b 7.24b 1.36ab 0.10b 1.78c 0.15c 2.90b 1.33b
Control 1.3c 0.50c 1.27b 0.10b 1.56c 0.19c 0.97c 0.42c
  1. Mean value is average of four replicates. In the same column with different letter(s) are significantly different (P ≤ 0.05). Conc concentration