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Table 1 Mechanical and chemical analysis of the experimental soil

From: Effect of sowing time on productivity of Bt and non Bt cotton under climate change

Components Soil properties Methods used
Soil pH (1:2) 8.6 Glass electrode pH metre method (Jackson 1973)
EC (dSm−1 at 25.8 °C) 0.3 Conductivity bridge method (Richards 1954)
Available N (kg/ha) 175.0 Alkaline permanganate method (Subbiah and Asija 1956)
Available P (kg/ha) 14.0 Olsen method (Olsen et al. 1954)
Available K (kg/ha) 532.0 Flame photometric method (Jackson 1973)
DTPA-extractable (ppm)
 Zinc 0.50 DTPA-extractable zinc, copper, manganese, iron (Lindsay and Norvell 1978) and boron (hot water extract) (Berger and Truog 1939), respectively
 Copper 1.3
 Manganese 2.6
 Iron 2.3
 Boron 0.07