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Table 4 Costs of raw materials, utilities, and products used in the process

From: Primitive techno-economic study of bio-diesel and bio-active compound production from microalgae

Item Price
Raw materials 791
 Hexane ($/ton)  
 Methanol ($/ton) 440
 Sulfuric acid ($/ton) 2398
 Calcium oxide ($/ton) 150
 Water ($/m3) 0.007
 Jojoba oil ($/ton) 3000
Products 1235
 Biodiesel ($/ton)  
 Cake ($/ton) 300
 Glycerol ($/ton) 1200
 Jojoba / Carotenoids ($/ton) 4500
Utilities 0.007
 Cooling water ($/m3)  
 Electricity ($/kw.h) 0.04
 Low pressure steam ($/ton) 6.8
 High pressure steam ($/ton) 10