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Table 1 Insecticides used for controlling Tuta absoluta

From: Comparative toxicity of new insecticides generations against tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta and their biochemical effects on tomato plants

Trade name Common name Chemical subgroup Mode of entry
Non-conventional insecticides
Actara (25% WG)
Imaxi (35% SC)
Thiamethoxam imidacloprid Neonicotinoids Translaminar
Systemic + translaminar
Emperor (0.5% EC)
Vapcomic (1.8% EC)
Emamectin benzoate
Avermectins, milbemycins Translaminar
Coragen (20% SC) Chlorantraniliprole Diamide Systemic + contact
Challenger (24% SC) Chlorfenapyr Chlorfenapyr Translaminar
Radiant (12% SC) Spinetoram Spinosyns Translaminar
Conventional insecticides
Action Phos (50% EC) Chlorpyrifos + LambadaCyhalothrin Organophosphates + pyrethroids Contact, stomach, and respiratory action
Delta Plus (50% EC) Deltamethrin Pyrethroids Contact, stomach, and repellent properties
Pestban (48% EC) Chlorpyrifos Organophosphates contact, stomach, and respiratory action