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Table 2 Percentage mortality of C. maculatus on cowpea seeds treated with different concentrations of essential oil from botanicals at different time intervals

From: Comparative evaluation of insecticidal properties of essential oils of some selected botanicals as bio-pesticides against Cowpea bruchid, Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius) [Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae]

Conc. (ml) Aframomum melegueta Annona muricata Eucalyptus globules Ficus exasperate Tetrapleura tetraptera
12 h
 0 0.00c 0.00c 0.00c 0.00c 0.00c
 1 13.33ab 13.33ab 13.33ab 16.67ab 6.67ab
 3 20.00a 16.67a 16.67a 20.00a 16.67a
 5 26.67a 16.67a 20.00a 20.00a 20.00a
24 h
 0 0.00a 0.00c 0.00c 0.00c 0.00c
 1 16.67b 20.00b 20.00b 23.33ab 16.67b
 3 33.33a 23.33ab 23.33ab 30.00a 23.33ab
 5 40.00a 33.33a 40.00a 43.33a 36.67a
48 h
 0 3.33c 0.00c 3.33c 3.33c 0.00c
 1 26.67b 30.00b 33.33b 40.00b 30.00b
 3 76.67ab 54.00ab 52.00ab 60.00ab 66.67ab
 5 100.00a 80.00a 73.33a 70.00a 90.00a
  1. Means followed by the same letter along the column were not significantly different at 5% using Tukey’s test