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Table 2 Pharmacological compounds present in different extracts of S. kunthiana

From: Botany, pharmacology and conservation status of wonder flower: Neelakurinji (Strobilanthes kunthiana (Nees) T. Anderson ex Benth)

Sr. no. Compound Pharmacological properties
1 2,6-bis (1,1- di-methyl ethyl)- 4-methyl phenol Antioxidant (Ibtissem et al. 2010)
2 Hexadecanoic acid, methyl ester Antioxidant, hypocholesterolemic, nematicide, pesticide, anti-androgenic flavor, hemolytic, 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, anti-fibrinolytic, lubricant, anti-alopecic (Selvan and Velavan 2015), anti-inflammatory (Hema et al. 2011), cancer preventive, hepatoprotective, anti-histaminic, anti- eczemic, anti-achne, anti-arthiritic, anti-coronary (Krishnamoorthy and Subramaniam 2014), anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (Chandrasekaran et al. 2011)
3 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid (Z, Z) Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, antioxidant, anti-cancer (Mangunwidjaja et al. 2006). Hypocholeste-rolemic, cancer preventive, hepatoprotective, nematicide, Insectifuge, anti-histaminic, Anti-eczemic, anti-acne, 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, anti-androgenic anti-coronary insectifuge (Rajeswari et al. 2012). Anti-arteriosclerotic, anti- anaphylactic, anti-prostatic (Rajeswari and Srinivasan 2015).
4 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, methyl ester Anti-inflammatory, anti-androgenic, Cancer preventive, dermatitigenic, hypo-cholesterolemic, 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, anemiagenic, insectifuge (Rajeswari and Rani 2015), Antioxidant, anti-cancer (Asghar et al. 2011; Hema et al. 2011)
5 Heptadecanoic acid, 16-methyl-, methyl ester Used against skin cancer protein (Elaiyaraja and Chandramohan 2016). Anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory (Vetha Merlin Kumari et al. 2016).
6 Benzenesulfona mide Anti-malarial (Andrews et al. 2013)
7 Cyclotrisiloxane, hexamethyl Anti-microbial potential, anti-oxidants (Venkatesh et al. 2014).
8 N-(tert- butoxycarbonyl)-2-(4-methoxy phenyl) allylamine Phytocompound having liver susceptibility of reactions (Peter and Venky 2012).
9 Azulene Anti-oxidant, reduce inflammation in the skin tissue, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-septic (Steffen 1960).
10 n-Nonadecanol-1 Flavor and fragrance agent, anti-microbial and cytotoxicity (Dalli et al. 2007).
11 2,6,10-Trimethyl, 14-Ethylene-14-Pentadecne (Neophytadiene) Enzyme inhibitor (Everlyne et al. 2015)
12 n-Hexadecanoic acid Artificial flavors and anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, hypocholesterolemic 5-alpha reductase inhibitor (Kumar et al. 2010).
13 2-Hexadecene,3,7,11,15-Tetramethy-, Anti-bacterial activity (Everlyne et al. 2015).
14 4-(3,5-Di-Tert-Butyl-4-Hydroxyphenyl Anti-oxidant (Everlyne et al. 2015).
15 2, Hexaceden-1- ol, 3,7,11,15-Tetramethyl (phytol) Cosmetics, Shampoos, (antimicrobial) toilet soaps, household cleaners, and detergents (Dalli et al. 2007).
16 1-Heptacosanol Flavor and fragrance agent, lower cholesterol, anti-microbial and cytotoxicity (Everlyne et al. 2015).
17 1-Dodecanol Used in detergent industry, emollient, emulsifier, fragrance, flavor and anti-bacterial activity (Yogeswari et al. 2012).
18 n-Pentadecanol Used for skin (Everlyne et al. 2015)
19 2,6,10,14,18,22- Tetracosahexaene, 2,6 (Squalene) Anti-microbial, Synthesize cholesterol steroid hormones and vitamin d, anti-cancer and protects the skin against UV (Kelly 1999).